Joseph R. "Joe" Banister

Friday, May 02, 2003


Joe Banister KFI 640am Radio Interview

Cryptogon posts a good radio interview with Joe Banister. See post from 4/30/2003 titled Gene Chapman: Death and Taxes.

The radio host was Lee Klein. Thank you Lee Klein.

Dave Toney has posted the Joe Banister KFI radio interview here.

Thank you Dave Toney.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003


What is it with the IRS?

(1)The agency has generally refused to provide direct answers to direct questions posed by millions of Americans over the years but readily and frequently answers questions that were never asked.

(2)The agency refused to answer the questions of one of their own special agents [ www.freedomabovefortune.com ]

(3)The agency refused to participate in numerous "Tax Honesty" symposiums, even though those symposiums were convened right in Washington, D.C. -The agency agreed to meet with Bob Schulz, who had stopped eating for 20 days to force a meeting, to discuss his specific questions about the true authority and limitations of the federal income tax laws but refused to go through with the meeting if it was tape recorded [ www.givemeliberty.org ].

(4)The agency's Commissioner refused to send IRS officials to participate in a hearing held on Capitol Hill to answer specific questions about the income tax even though he promised a U.S. Congressman (Bartlett, R-Maryland) that he would.

(5)The agency refused to answer the same specific questions posed by Rose Lear, even after she went without food for nearly a month to force them to do so.

(6)Despite formal invitations, the agency has refused to send knowledgeable officials to dozens of sequentially scheduled meetings held around the country where the topic of federal tax withholding is discussed. Why do they have so much trouble exlaining themselves?