Joseph R. "Joe" Banister

Friday, July 30, 2004


Freedom Above Fortune News

Dear Friends:

It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you that my dear friend and colleague, Sherry Peel Jackson, and her family, were subjected to an armed search warrant execution of their home by agents of IRS Criminal Investigationon Tuesday, July 27th .

Sherry sent out the following announcement as Tuesday came to a close:


Hi all. Thank you for your support. Fifteen to 20 IRS-CID agents came about7:45am and left at 5pm. They took all 800 of my DVD's, all videos and miniCD's. They took the copy of my pocket commission and all that I use to speak. I will reconstruct this information as soon as possible.I will still be speaking in San Francisco August 1st, Clive Iowa on August 7thand Atlanta August 14th.People are asking how they can help. First the Christians can pray for myfamily, as I have lost all my DVD's, probably forever. Since I have become afull time missionary, These DVD's and a few other items that were taken, werehelping to support us.Second, Buy at least 300 Mini CD's and pass them out to your local policemen. There were two policemen escorting the IRS-CID agents into my home. I wonderwhy they were even needed (Just kidding, I know why they came).There were supporters recording from outside my home, and people with signs.Thank you all. Now, lets get the focus off me and back to our mission. Getthose Mini CD's out there!I will give more details later. Now I am tired and I am going to bed.



As more details become available, I will forward them to you all. As perSherry’s request, please pray for her and her family. If the IRS Criminal Division still operates as it did when I was there, whichI’m sure it must, they have likely confiscated nearly everything that Sherry andher husband would use to know what their bills are, everything they would use topay bills such as checkbooks, cash around the house, to do lists, telephonelists, email addresses, computers, the kinds of things most Americans would havein their home to get through the average day, week, or month. It is truly ahellish experience for the people subjected to such tactics.If you can spare a small donation to help Sherry and her family in their time ofneed it would be much appreciated. Sherry did not have to speak up about IRSwrongdoing. She could have simply kept quiet and let the abuse continue. Butshe cared enough to speak up for those who have in the past and those who willin the future suffer the economic, mental, and physical brutality of IRSenforcement measures – and her husband Colin, already sacrificing much as adedicated firefighter, has stood by her. It must be incredibly difficult forSherry to explain to her young daughter and son why the IRS acts in this manner. I could provide many more details of sacrifices that Sherry has made to so thatAmericans would learn the truth about the IRS but I’ll leave that for anothertime.Donations can be sent to Sherry Peel Jackson, P.O. Box 460, Redan, Georgia 30074, xirsagent@hotmail.comGiven that even banking may be difficult in the future, small cash donations ormoney orders would be easier to deal with but checks will be gladly accepted. Certainly, the privacy of the donor would be better preserved with cash or moneyorders.Sherry, (Former IRS Revenue Officer) John Turner, and myself have often remarkedto each other how disappointing it has been that more current and former agentshave not spoken up (we each know quite a few who know the truth and have not yetjoined us). Please help keep Sherry as strong, motivated, and courageous as shehas been in the past by sending her a note of support and/or a prayer or smalldonation.

Kind Regards,
Joseph R. (Joe) Banister, C.P.A.
Former IRS Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent


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