Joseph R. "Joe" Banister

Friday, August 06, 2004



Dear Friends:

In case you have not heard, there has been quite a buzz this week regarding the
future of the IRS. The buzz began last Sunday when Matt Drudge reported on
certain contents of Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert’s new book that
indicated abolishing the IRS was his top priority. As this WorldNet Daily
article reports, there is, not surprisingly, a great deal of interest in
abolishing the IRS:

Read here.

Some of you may recall that Bob Schulz and I visited with Speaker Hastert’s
legislative director at the Capitol on April 13, 2000 and provided proof of the
illegal manner in which the IRS administers and enforces the federal income tax

( Read here. Scroll down to “Tax Remonstrance Delivered to DC” ).

Promises of followup by Speaker Hastert’s legislative director and other high
officials were broken.

During the week, Devvy Kidd provided some perspective regarding Speaker
Hastert’s “zeal” in doing away with the federal income tax:

Read here.

All who have followed my efforts over the last 5 years know I would like nothing
better than to do away with the intrusive, illegally enforced federal income tax
system. However, as Devvy has done in her article, I would like to caution
everyone not to lose sight of who we are dealing with here.

This Congress is largely the same Congress that has been served with multiple
petitions personally delivered to each and every member and thousands, if not
hundreds of thousands, of letters, telephone calls, and emails regarding the
ills of the federal income tax system. The only legislator with the courage to
speak up, Roscoe Bartlett, soon changed his mind and backed out of written
promises to participate in a hearing on the legality of the administration and
enforcement of the federal income tax

Read here.

I have no doubt that the full Congress is well aware of the efforts of the “Tax
Honesty Movement”. In fact, I have learned from a trusted source that at least
one legislator verbally confirmed as much to that source.

If these officials can stand by, year after year, while millions of Americans
are abused by the federal taxing apparatus, and then hold out the slight hint of
doing something about it off into the future (as if we are the donkey and they
hold the carrot on the end of a stick), I would suggest watching them very
closely. They have all stood by and done virtually nothing, some for years and
others for decades, to force the IRS to obey the law and stop harassing and
destroying the lives of good Americans.

If theses legislators have been so reluctant to step in to stop abuses inherent
in the current federal taxing system, how can anyone trust them to prevent abuse
in a future federal taxing system?

I believe we should take Speaker Hastert’s “trial balloon” as an encouraging
sign that the “Tax Honesty Movement” is definitely having an effect.
Undoubtedly, the word has been spreading like wildfire throughout the country
that the federal income tax system is administered and enforced beyond what the
written law authorizes. Congress is beginning to feel the heat enough to start
thinking the unthinkable and speaking the unspeakable – abolishing the income
tax. The question for the average American is, can a bunch of legislators who
have shown nothing but apathy and cowardice in the past suddenly acquire desire
and courage in the future? I’m always hopeful but I just don’t trust them to do
the right thing.

We must watch them closely and continue our efforts to expose the illegal
administration and enforcement of the federal income tax system. If enough
Americans learn how our legislators and courts have failed in their duty to
protect our rights and our property against an out of control taxing apparatus,
it will be that much harder for those legislators and courts to create a new
system that is every bit as abusive and illegal as the old one.

Kind Regards,

Joseph R. (Joe) Banister, C.P.A.
Former IRS Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent