Joseph R. "Joe" Banister

Monday, November 22, 2004


Former IRS Special Agent Directly Confronted By IRS Accusers

From : freedomabovefortune.com
Sent : Monday, November 22, 2004 5:14 PM
To : Distribution List
Subject : Former IRS Special Agent Directly Confronted By IRS Accusers

Dear Friends,

I awoke last Thursday morning to the arrival of uninvited visitors at my home. I
do apologize for not corresponding with all of you sooner, since it has been
your faith, hope, prayers, and financial support that has done so much to
reassure me in this long struggle. The delay could not be avoided because I
needed private time with my family and trusted friends. The time was useful and
productive. Now the time has come to act.

Most of you are well aware of previous [character] assassination attempts on my
personal and professional life. In obvious desperation, the IRS has had to hunt
around its slimy cave for a bigger club because the ones the agency had used in
the past were not working as planned. The club now being swung against me is an
attempt to take away my personal freedom. As you know, I am married and my wife
and I have two young boys, aged 16 and 13. I want you to know that we are doing
alright, although you can probably imagine what you would think of all of this
if you were 16 or 13 years old, or a loving spouse. There are many things that
need to be done in the coming months. My immediate family has always been there
to stand by me and their support has given me great strength. Now that this
latest event has occurred, I need to reach out to my extended family around the
country yet again to help me.

The IRS instills fear in even its most patriotic citizens through the clubs it
wields, and it has come after me with the biggest one it has. One of the
concerns that always hovered in the back of my mind was how to defend against
the bully's club and still fulfill my duties to provide for my wife and my
children. This quandary -- between questioning the IRS when I felt what they did
was wrong and meeting my duties to my own family -- faces too many Americans
because of the disparity of power between them and the IRS, and we all know too
well how the IRS profits from this disparity.

My faith perseveres. I cannot know what it is like to feel such stress that I
sweat blood in the garden of Gethsemane or to stand amidst God's most fearsome
creatures in a den of lions. But, my parents and my teachers raised me to
appreciate those who did, and to do my best to follow, however humbly in
comparison, in their footsteps. I have tried not to forsake that path.

That is why I have always believed with all my heart that if a day came when
defending against the bully's club brought hardship to those I care most about,
that somehow, someway, God would provide. With that faith buried in my heart and
alive to this day, I forged ahead and blew the whistle on the most feared entity
in our country.

That day has arrived. Defending myself must become a full-time commitment in the
coming months, with little time available to support my family. In order to
mount the best defense possible, a defense necessary to protect every
conscientious American who yearns for honesty in taxation and honor in our
public officials, I dearly need your spiritual and financial support. I believe
those who wish to throw me in this lion's den have made one mistake -- they do
not realize that I am not alone there. To provide for my family and continue my
struggle to expose how the IRS does business, I need your help.

No matter how you support me, please know that I deeply appreciate it. You are
the check against the abuse of power. Every contribution you make protects my
family and helps me focus on preparation of my defense. The mailing address is
Freedom Above Fortune, P.O. Box 90239, San Jose, California, 95109. If you have
privacy concerns regarding the mailing envelope, feel free to put the P.O. Box
address in the return address space rather than your own. If you wish, cash
donations or money orders are also fine, as well as checks.

Please inform as many of our fellow Americans as possible about my situation.
Forward this email to as many people as possible. There are a number of
spokespeople who will be speaking out about how my IRS whistle-blowing
activities have led me to this point. The point of contact is Attorney Robert E.
Barnes (rebarnes@bernhoftlaw.com). Please respect the fact that Mr. Barnes has a
very busy schedule and email contact is best (and being very specific in the
subject field of the email). Please contact radio talk show hosts, both national
and local. Some ideas are Alan Colmes, Sean Hannity, Michael Reagan, Michael
Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Press, Ken Hamblin, Dr. James Dobson, G. Gordon
Liddy, Geoff Metcalf, Barbara Simpson, Claude Howard, and Joseph Farah. Any of
the preceding names can be entered into www.google.com to find out how to
contact them. Let them know how important this story is.

I truly wish I could individually thank each and every one of you helping me. It
is you that keeps hope alive. Please know that I am ever grateful for your


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-For those who are unfamiliar with what has transpired to date in this case,
please visit www.freedomabovefortune.com and click on "IRS LOCKOUT UPDATE" or
visit www.joebanister.blogspot.com . You can also find archives of informative
radio shows at www.hearliberty.com .

-My sincere thanks to those who have prayed for the success of our efforts and
contributed to my defense fund. Your continued financial support is enabling me
to illustrate, in detail and in a very public manner, that the IRS does not
prevail against citizens because the agency adheres to the rule of law, but that
the IRS prevails against citizens because the agency ignores the law, twists the
meaning of the law, and overwhelms the citizen with economic and legal burdens.
In a school yard, such tactics are called "BULLYING". In a government setting,
such tactics are called "TYRANNY". This effort is the equivalent of ganging up
on the bully and sending him to reform school where he belongs.


Kind regards,

Joseph R. (Joe) Banister, C.P.A.
Former IRS Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent

George Orwell, 1984:

"You are a slow learner, Winston," said O'Brien gently.

"How can I help it?" he blubbered. "How can I help seeing what is in front of my
eyes? Two and two are four."

"Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three.
Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to
become sane."