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Saturday, June 04, 2005


Freedom Above Fortune News

From : Freedom Above Fortune
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Sent : Friday, June 3, 2005 3:55 PM
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Subject : Case Against Former IRS Special Agent - Recent Developments

Dear Friends:

The "Points and Authorities" supporting the recent motions authored by attorneys
of the Bernhoft Law Firm ( www.bernhoftlaw.com ), lead by Jeffrey Dickstein,
lead trial counsel, have been posted to my website at
www.freedomabovefortune.com (click on "IRS LOCKOUT UPDATE" in the center of the
opening screen and then scroll down to the bottom of the list).

I have decided to publish on the internet a variation of a letter that I have
distributed locally
to my network of friends and acquaintances in my home town
area. Please share
this letter with as many people as you can. Please also forward this message to
as many people as you can. The We The People Foundation for Constitutional
Education has published an article about my circumstances. You can see it by
visiting www.givemeliberty.org and scrolling to the 05-27-05 article.

For those who are able to attend one or more days of the trial, I would
certainly welcome your presence. I request that anyone coming to watch the
trial be calm, reserved, professional, and dressed appropriately, both inside
and outside the courtroom. If I am lucky enough to have a “crowd” of people
outside the courthouse, I request that the “crowd” also be calm, reserved,
professional, and dressed appropriately. My preference would be to have a very
large but quiet and reserved group of people supporting me with no signs, no
yelling, no dirty looks given to government officials and no disrespectful
behavior. I believe a calm, reserved PRESENCE will send the appropriate
message. I will undoubtedly be preoccupied with trial matters during the trial
but I’m sure there will be many people to interact with during each day of the
trial and in the evening. The address for the federal courthouse is 501 I
Street, 14th Floor, Judge Shubb’s Courtroom, Sacramento, California 95814.