Joseph R. "Joe" Banister

Tuesday, April 20, 2004


19 Year Veteran IRS Official Joins The "Truth Team"

From : Joseph Banister
Sent : Tuesday, April 20, 2004 11:56 AM
To : List
Subject : 19 Year Veteran IRS Official Joins The "Truth Team"

Freedom Above Fortune News

Dear Friends:

I am proud to announce that the number of former IRS officials who have openly and publicly lent their voices to the chorus of professionals and citizens who believe that the IRS is knowingly misapplying the federal income tax laws has now reached the size of a basketball team. If recent developments are any indication, the basketball sized “truth team” of former IRS officials will soon grow to the size of a “football team”, and later to the size of a “football stadium”.

The newest member is Clifton Beale. Clifton spent nearly 19 years with the Internal Revenue Service. He was an IRS Revenue Agent from November, 1979 through August 1987, and an IRS Appeals Officer from August, 1987 to September, 1998. Among his many accomplishments, Clifton is an accomplished author and has a Master’s Degree in Taxation. Clifton has three grown children and four grandchildren.

According to Clifton’s website ( www.cliftonbeale.com ), he is a strong believer in complying with the rules and regulations of the United States Code, Constitution, Supreme Court cases still in force and other Positive Laws registered in the U. S. Federal Register applicable to compliance of the entities as written, tried and considered. As you can see from the information on his website, being an advocate for the Constitution and believing in complying with the United States Code has caused the IRS to take a disliking to him, which is an all too common occurrence among “basketball team” members.

The “basketball team” roster now includes (in alphabetical order):

Joseph R. Banister, C.P.A., former IRS-CID Special Agent
Clifton Beale, CEP, A.S., B.S., MS-Taxation, Former IRS Revenue Agent and Appeals Officer
Paul Chappell, Attorney at Law, former U.S. Tax Court Clerk, IRS Chief Counsel Attorney
Sherry P. Jackson, C.P.A., C.F.E., former IRS Revenue Agent
John Turner, E.A., former IRS Revenue Officer

Our “bench” includes many other former IRS personnel who have yet to permit their names to be used publicly. The 5 “starters” anxiously await permission from the “benchwarmers” to announce their names so that they can come out onto the court and show the American audience what our IRS opponent is truly about. The "starters" are getting tired and taking lots of elbows, knees, and other cheap shots and we need a full bench.

If you are a current or former IRS official and you are ready to come out on the court, send a letter to me at care of Freedom Above Fortune Educational Institute, P.O. Box 90239, San Jose, California 95109-4239. If you want to take additional steps to preserve your privacy while communicating with me, place my name and address in the return address slot or use the name and address of a trusted friend in the return address slot. I will never reveal your name unless you permit me to do so.

Please welcome Clifton by visiting his website or sending him a brief note. His email address is CBeale622@comcast.net . To help him manage the tons of email he will probably receive, please put a proper greeting in the subject field of your email such as “Welcome Clifton”, “Thank You Clifton”, “Schedule an Interview” (for media) “Schedule a Consultation” (for anyone who can benefit from the knowledge possessed by a 19 year veteran of the IRS).

Please spread this email far and wide.

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-My sincere thanks to those who have prayed for the success of our efforts and contributed to my defense fund. Your continued financial support is enabling me to illustrate, in detail and in a very public manner, that the IRS does not prevail against citizens because the agency adheres to the rule of law, but that the IRS prevails against citizens because the agency ignores the law and overwhelms the citizen with economic and legal burdens. In a school yard, such tactics are called "BULLYING". In a government setting, such tactics are called TYRANNY. This effort is the equivalent of ganging up on the bully and sending him to reform school where he belongs.

Kind Regards,

Joseph R. (Joe) Banister, C.P.A.
Former IRS Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent